European Wonder April 26th - May 9th


Hey, anyone else doing this trip? Would love to connect before the trip starts!


Hey, I’m Rach. Really looking forward to the trip! Will u be in London before the tour starts?


Hey Rach,

Yes, I arrive on the 23rd! I’ve never been to London, so I’m excited about that portion too. What about you?


Hey, yeh I’ll be in London from the 21st! What’s your name on fb? Im Rach Braham but not sure how easy I am to find. Would be much easier than searching through the forum!
Getting really excited now! Expecting my tickets tomorrow!


Hey, I’m Katie Murphy, Vancouver BC. I looked up your name and found a few profiles. Where are you from? See if you can find me! I have a pretty common name, but my cover photo is of a painter’s pallette.