European Wonder April 2013.


Anyone else booked the European Wonder tour kicking off from the Clink Hostel, London April 4th 2013?


Yea im booked in for that tour also cant wait ! be good to talk to others on it too.


We’re flying into London a few days before the tour starts.
From Melbourne to Dubai to London you?


Ok cool I’m flying into London few days before the tour would be great to catch up before the tour . I’m flying from Christchurch via Japan then London.


Hey Guys! I am the same tour as you :slight_smile: great to see some fellow kiwi & aussies going to be on the tour! im flying direct from auckland-london and arriving a week in london prior to the tour departs, getting excited!! :smiley:


Awesome, we’ll be in London from the 2nd of April staying at the Clink Hostel.

Make sure we all catch up before the tour starts.

Only two months!


Awesome! I’ll be there at the Clink the night before the tour so im sure we will all catch up before!
Keep you all posted :slight_smile: Excited!!


nice to meet u. :slight_smile:
cant wait till April starts.
we didnt manage to get bookings from clink… its all fully booked :’(


Hi! I’m doing the same tour :slight_smile: I’m flying from Perth this week then travelling around on my own until the tour! Can’t wait to actually go somewhere with a group!! :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I’m flying from Brazil a day before. I’ll be in London on 3 April all day free to explore the city! Anyone else?


Of course, should be good.

Is everyone traveling alone, or coming with a couple of people?


Im travelling by myself! Be awesome to have a group of people to share Europe experiences with :slight_smile:


Do you guys know where we’re meeting in London?


Clink Hostel.


Hey guys! I did this tour last year, if you have any questions feel free to private message me! I just remember being so excited and wanting to know everything! :smiley:


Which one? 75 or 261?


75 I think.


Thanks! Are you booked in the 75?


Sure am, both before and after the tour.

We’ve got a few days after the tour to see London again.


Unfortunately I won’t. But I’ll have a day before the tour starts, on the 3rd. We should all meet and go to see London together, what do you think? I’ll try to book clink 75 this week as well.