European Wonder April 1st-14th


Hello fellow travelers,

I’m very excited to be going on the European Wonder Tour starting April 1st- 14th. It will be me and another one of my friends. We’re from the U.S. Has anyone been on this tour before, if so how was it, and what were the highlights?! Is anyone else planning on going? Where are you from?

See you in Europe!



Hey Stefanie,

My best friend and I are also going on this trip! Are you guys going to be staying at the Clink Hostel before or after the tour?
We are from Australia, and we look forward to meeting you guys



I will also be joining you on the European Wonder tour departing on the 1st April. I’m very excited! ;D

I’m not from such exotic locations as you guys - I’m from Leeds, UK and will be travelling by myself.

Looking forward to meeting you soon xx



It’s getting closer!!! Can’t wait. I don’t think we’re staying at the hostel after the tour. I didn’t realise that the tour ended later so I’m wondering about canceling the hotel I booked and just staying there. Are you staying after the tour? Have many bags are you bringing? haha.



Hey guys,

Yeh we are staying on in London for a couple of days…not too long though, sadly we both have to get back for work!

I haven’t even thought about packing! hahaha.

Susan and Kara :slight_smile:


I am also going on this tour. Can’t believe how close its getting now. So excited!!!


13 days!!! I’m actually meeting the tour group in Paris that night, hopefully we make it to dinner. I had problems with my flight :frowning: but we’ll get there! Hi Lizzie!


Was wondering if you guys made a blog of your trip or can give any pointer on what to do and what not to do? I am going on this tour in 2 weeks!!! I can’t wait!!!