European Wonder April 14 2011!


I will be. Was going on the 21st but since that got cancelled have had to push it up.

I’ll be in London for the day after but heading home on the 29th - Will and Kate’s wedding will make London unbearable when it comes to crowds, and I’ve been quite a few times before. Staying just long enough to catch a show and then head home.

On what to do, there’s tons depending on what you like to do. Plenty of shows if thats what you like, Madame Tussauds is a must if you’ve never been before, and a City Tour/Duck Tour will get you most of the sights (just not on the 29th). If you want history, look at Stonehenge/Windsor Castle tours too. Or if you like action, there’s a lot of theme parts in commuting distance.

Plus if you’re not like me and like big celebrations, you’ll get to enjoy the wedding party on Friday.


I’ve booked this tour today and I’m pretty excited. I too was planning on going on the 21st, but i found out they had canceled it. I was lucky enough to work out my schedule so that i can join this tour. Are any of you planning on staying in the hostel the day before? I look forward to meeting you all.



I’ll be staying there too. I have a tendency to get lost in London so it’ll just make life easier.


I’m debating on it. I might stay at a friends, but i dont want the deal with getting around London. Although, I do agree that it would make life alot easier and it would be nice to get the know the people I’m traveling with the day before.


So what’s everyone looking forward to the most? Its got to be Venice for me - I’ve always wanted to see it cause its such a unique city. That and maybe Skydiving in Tyrol if I can afford it.


Hey everyone!

Maybe a silly question, but has anyone looked into the weather (temperature wise) in April? I’m sure I can find out online but just wondering if anyone knew already.

I’m Canadian, living here in London since January, doing this tour before heading back home!


i think the weather’s around 10-15 degree for most places…but i should look up more details as well!

has anyone else got their detailed itenery and optional activites documents yet?? i wonder when im getting mine from the travel agent…


Not yet, but they’ve put up an ‘optionals reference guide’ on the web page. Shows the prices from 2010 to give an estimate. Hopefully it means we’ll be getting the official ones soon.


Howzit Guyz. Can’t wait this tours gona b a complete jol. Anyone else recieved the full travel pack as yet?


Hey Bren, I still have yet to receive the Top Deck package.


Hi all!

I will be on this tour also! I am very excited. I am staying at the clink from the 10th and will stay there for a couple of nights after the tour!
Do we need a sleeping bag for the tour?
Cant wait to meet you all :slight_smile:


I’ll be on this tour as well. I’ll be staying a day extra after the tour finishes mainly to see a little bit of London, not exactly sure what I’ll see in less than a day but we’ll see how it goes.

Question: What are people doing about luggage, I want to bring a duffle bag with is 76 cm long the guidlines say backpacks, but I really don’t want to lug a backpack around. What are others doing?


[color=800080]Hey all,

[b]I am very excited about this tour also! I am taking a medium size suitcase…
Staying in London a few days before tour and few days after also! Will be staying at the clink before so hopefully get to meet people then! ;D



The email documents I got said we shouldn’t need sleeping bags, so I’m not taking one.

As for luggage, I think anything that doesn’t have a frame or is a really large suitcase is okay. Dufflebags and small suitcases are probably fine. I’m having to buy a frameless backpack or a large duffel since I don’t have anything suitable right now, plus a rucksack for carry-on.

Both excited and worried cause its so close, and I haven’t saved nearly enough for spending, ack!


Hi guys,

As your trip doesn’t go flotilla sailing in Greece, you no longer need to bring a sleeping bag - we have now secured bedding in all of our other EuroClub accommodation.

In terms of luggage allowance, each passenger is allowed to bring one main bag (this may be a suitcase or a backpack or similar), plus a day pack. The maximum weight of your main bag must not exceed 20kg and fit generally within the following dimensions: 70cmx45cmx25cm.

If you still haven’t received your trip documents 6 weeks prior to your departure, please get in touch with your travel agent or Topdeck representative.

Hope this info helps!
Cheers, Topdeck Team


Hey all!

I’ll be heading down to London tonight, so looking forward to meeting you all. See you in a few days.