European Wonder - 9th Sept anyone?


Hi guys, is anyone going on European Wonder on 9th September? I’m travelling over from Brisbane by myself, so would be good to know anyone who will be on the tour. It’s going to be sweetttt :slight_smile:


Hey hey! I am also travelling from Brisbane by myself, but for the October 7 departure! You’ll have to make sure you let me know how it goes, and gimme some tips! Suitcase or backpack? Is a sleeping bag really required? Have an awsum time! Mel


Hey Mel, will do!! I’m taking a backpack that has wheels, so I can put it on my back and also wheel it along - the best of both worlds :slight_smile: I’ll have to have a think about a sleeping bag… I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry because we’ll be staying in some hostels so they could be a little dodgy. Brooke


Still trying to decide wether to book for sept 9 , or sept 22. Will get back to you.


hey…well just booked for this tour on 9th…really looking fwd to it…m travelling from manchester on my own…hope its fun…and @ brookec…r u staying at clink night before ?


if anyone has been to this trip before…do let us know of anything that we should take care off before we leave…


Hey Ahmer, I’m sure it’ll be lots of fun! I am actually going to Paris for a couple of days before so I can catch up with a friend who will be living there so I’m going to meet up with the tour group there. After we finish the tour and arrive back in London I’m going to stay at the Clink that night. Look forward to seeing you there! Brooke


hey nice to hear that…u have fun in paris and will definitely c u there…and my travel agent just told me that the tour is completely booked…its gonna b fun =)


Hey Guys just booked for this trip yesterday!
Travelling from Sydney, going to be in london for 2 nights before the tour leaves looking forward to it.


hey gareth,
welcome on board…=)…well ill b staying there a nyt before, i live in manchester, so its not that far, u travelling alone?..we should meet up before the trip leaves…


Hey Ahmer, yep i’m travelling alone, I arrive in london on the 7th and I am staying with friends for the 2 nights before we leave. Will be looking round London on the 8th for a day while my friends are at work.


Hey Gareth, not long to go now, I can’t wait! Look forward to catching up with you guys then.