European Wonder 7th July


HI Topdeckers!

Hoping to find some people on my tour for the European Wonder on the 7th of July. I’ll be travelling solo and will be arriving couple days before the tour starts to have a geezer around London and shake off the jetlag. Shout out if i’ll be seeing you! B-)


Hi Aleks, you’re a pretty cool cat you know that!? Haha. Look forward to catching up with you on your return to Aus.


I like London. Maybe I’ve found with my companion. Hope to see you in London. B-)


Hey guys, what’s up?!

My brother Jason and I are on the 7 July European wonder tour too. Can’t wait… Also arriving in London 2 days early, we arrive the morning of the 5th. Super keen… Would be cool to meet up maybe before tour starts?

I don’t even know london though, so yeah, will need to something relatively easy to find. haha. Chat soon!