European wonder 7Th July


I am doing the European Wonder tour on the 7Th July. I am travelling on my own and will be staying in the clink hostel the night before. Is anyone else around? Be cool to meet up the night before for a drink in the bar
Leanne :slight_smile:


I’ll be on the same tour. I’m arriving to London on the 5th in the morning and i do believe Clink is the hostel ill be staying at too. :slight_smile:


Thats’s cool I have been chatting to someone on facebook who is also on the tour we are going to meet up the evening of the 6th for a drink in the hostel. Let me know if you fancy joining us :slight_smile:


I am also on the same tour. Myself and a friend are doing it and will be staying at the clink from the 5th. It would be great to meet up with other people from the tour the night before. :slight_smile:


If anyone who wants meet up the night before for a drink, before the tour add me on facebook Leanne Chetwynd we can sort something out. :slight_smile:


Hey Everyone!

My names Louise…i’m heading off on this tour too!



Hi guys, I’ll be getting into the Clink Hostel on the morning of the sixth, due to a mix-up with my flights. If anyone wants to make a little group and see as much of London as we can let me know, as that’s what I’ll be doing!


Aw, look. Aren’t we all the cutest. Haha.