European Wonder 7th April 2011


Hi there,

If you are booked for the soon approaching European Wonder departing on the 7th April, let me know. It would be nice to know a bit about the group I’ll be traveling with!

Wooot, not long to go now!




I am going on that tour. I am 25 years old from Victoria in Aus, but I live in London now.
Where are you from?
Can’t wait, should be fun!


Heya! My little sister and I will be with you! We’re 18 and 21 from sunny Queensland in Australia :slight_smile: Looking forward to the trip and meeting everyone! Exciting!!



Hi Nina!

I’ve booked the tour yesterday, will be traveling alone from Singapore! :smiley:

It’s my first time in Europe and first ever topdeck tour. Excited much, and nervous at the same time too!

Hope to see you soon…