European wonder 7 October


Hiya, I’m doing this trip solo - im 20 and coming from Brisbane Australia. Who am I partying with!


Hey Melissa, my name is Jacki and my friend Nicole and I are doing this trip, and small world…we are also from brissie! I’m 23 and Nic will be 20. Its going to be awsome! lol. Where bouts in brissie r u from. We’re at Bracken Ridge


ha crazy! that is so cool :slight_smile: I am in cleveland, but work in the city. We should have coffee before we go! Im leaving september 27th and staying in london beforehand. What about you guys?


[color=ff00ff]hey:) im also going to be doing this tour… im 19 coming from melbourne and going on my own to!

Rennae :)[/color]


hey guys. thats awsome there will be so many aussies on this tour! me an nic will be goin to england on the 4th of october so only there for a few days before the tour. how about u rennae? and we will be in england/paris untill the 28th when we fly to new york so if you guys are up for any extra travel count us in lol. and melissa i love cleveland lol i drive there all the time cause i love the bay at raby bay lol. we should def get coffee or something before u leave. if u wanna email me my email is cause that probably best because as u can see by how long it took me to reply i dont usually come on the forum lol. im so excited guys this tour will be awsome!


I am on the tour! Officially booked! So…there is one kiwi - though I am only living in Auckland, NZ - not sure if that makes me a kiwi or not. Born & raised in South Africa. :slight_smile: Looking forward to meeting you girls!


That’s awesome, I’m sort of one of those - born in sa, raised in nz, but now living in aussie haha. How old are you?
Looks like it’s going to be an all girls trip!


I am a lil older than you girls - but won’t stop me having fun! I am 25 years old! It does look like it’s a girls tour. lol Come on boys! Join up! :slight_smile:


it does look like its going to be a girls tour haha im getting soo excited! i arrive in london on the 3rd of October and visiting family first then off to the clink hostel, are you guys staying there also? Jacki you seem to be doing alot of travel im so jelous after the tour i only have 2 days left in London before i have to fly home for work:( i wish i couldve stayed longer! whats everyone packing? i hate not knowing what to pack! not long now!:slight_smile:


Hi everyone! Just booked my tour today! I’m 22 and I’m coming from Sydney ^^ Can’t wait to meet you all! (and lol, it does indeed seem like a girls tour XD)



Hey all, I booked mine a wee while ago… 24, and it seems I’m one of two guys coming on this tour :stuck_out_tongue: Coming from Wellington, New Zealand! Can’t wait!


My husband and I are kiwis too, Christchurch New Zealand. Sounds like we will be the granny and gramps of the tour… 25 and 30! We still know how to have fun though, looking forward to it! 13 days to go till we fly out of NZ!


oh this is exciting:) not long now, is everyone staying at the clink hostel beforehand? cant wait to meet everyone !


Yeep I’m staying there the night before on 6 October. How about we all meet up at the bar at 6pm! Or whenever really!


I will be there from the 4th (anyone else? Want to tour around London together? XDDDDD)

Bar on the 6th sounds great ^^


5 more days till our tour begins! Yah! Can’t wait! Anyone keen to go into London on the 21st - the day after we get back? Go exploring! See ya guys soon.