European Wonder 6-19th June


Hey, just wondering if anyone else is booked on this trip?? Im getting so excited. Has anyone else done it? Any advice?[br][br]Sarah


Hey! Yes, I’m booked to go on this tour… I can’t wait either! Should be loads of fun.[br][br]Megan from Oz


yeah im goen to!! but in July…cant wait!! but could some1 tell me bout Switzerland?? it says we go ta Lucerne - but i only just then saw that aditional info on th side (has that always been there!!!) and when u go into it, it says about opp. trips - and bout goen on the jungfrau Excation, which i guess means goen on the mountin - but i thought that was in Lauterbrunnen?? cos those tours that go through there talk bout goen up jungfrau…[br]


No… I don’t think that Additional Information Itinerary has always been there! I’m a little confused about Switzerland after reading that as well… Oh well, I’m happy no matter where we go! I have a question for fellow Aussies- Do we need any visas for this trip?[br][br]Megan from Oz


hey!! thanks mate!! i dont care either! i was only wondering cos i was gona go there after - but if we go there during trip i wont!! still kinda confused though, it says Lucerne in my Topdeak tour book…it looks like its changed on the website now - but im sorry, still kinda confussed!! and i just wanta completly no - before i make any other arangments after tour!![br][br]um, also, im from Aus, and i was told we dont need visas for this trip…[br][br]thanks again,[br]indy


Thanks for clearing that up Kirstinph!!![br][br]Does anyone know yet what they’re doing about money? I’m guessing travellers cheques would be a good way to go as well as a little bit of cash?[br][br]Megan from Oz


ah…thanks mate - it wasnt like i was thinken ur wrong! - just wanted ta be really really sure!! yeah…that makes sence!![br][br]thanks again!![br]indy


Hi Megan from Oz, Im so excited about the trip. Im traveling with my boyfriend, we live on the Gold Coast. Where are you from? We arrive in England on 1st June, when do you get there?[br][br]Sarah


Hi Sarah! I’m actually traveling on my own, so it’s nice to chat to someone on here before the trip! Gold Coast hey? My hometown is about halfway between the Gold Coast & Brisbane… But at the moment I’m living in London! I’m just fitting in a bit of traveling before I head back home at the end of June. ;D[br][br]Do u plan on doing any other touring whilst ur over here?[br][br]Megan from Oz


Hey Megan, Im so stoked to hear of someone else on the trip. My boyfriend Craig and I thought we were the only ones!!! We arrive in London 1st June and were staying at Hotel Ibis in Earls Court then after the trip will visit relatives and hopefully work at Wimbledon for 2weeks then find jobs for a year or so. Email me at and we will chat more ;-)[br][br]Sarah


is it compulsory to attend the pre-departure briefing?[br]i cant make a trip down on the night before?[br]who do i inform?[br][br]i a sleeping bag compulsory?[br][br]


Hey are you going on this tour?[br][br]Yes a sleeping bag is compulsary because we stay in hostels and not hotels.[br][br]I think if you just email topdeck and let them know you cant go. I dont think its compulsary its more of a get to know you thing and get final information.[br][br]Sarah


[quote]Originally posted by Kiwi Sarah[br]
Hey are you going on this tour?[br][br]Yes a sleeping bag is compulsary because we stay in hostels and not hotels.[br][br]I think if you just email topdeck and let them know you cant go. I dont think its compulsary its more of a get to know you thing and get final information.[br][br]Sarah[br][/quote][br][br]okie… noted! thank for that reply![br]appreciate that. :slight_smile:


[quote]Originally posted by Kirstinph[br]
Hi Indy and dancing_24_7[br][br]I just wanted to answer your question about the European Wonder staying in Switzerland. I work for Topdeck and have just realised that the page on the website for this trip is still reflecting the Winter/Spring itinerary which stays in Lucerne. You are going on a Summer trip so you will be staying in Lauterbrunnen and you have the option of going up the beautiful Jungfrau Mountain.[br][br]I hope this clears up any confusion. [br][br]Cheers[br][br]Kirstin[br][/quote][br][br][br]hi Kirstin, [br]with regard to your post earlier.[br]you mention that we will be visiting Lucerne in SWITZERLAND rather than Lauterbrunnen right? i saw the optional tour available is it still the same for Lucerne?[br][br]SWITZERLAND[br]Jungfrau Excursion Approx 130 Swiss Francs[br]Schilthorn Excursion Approx 60 Swiss Francs[br]Mountain Biking Approx 35 Swiss Francs[br][br]And comparing the Jungfrau and Schilthorn i think both take us up to the beautiful Jungfrau Mountain. what is the different between both? and how much will we be spending our time up there. Because for the day in SWITZERLAND i think all meal is included. In this case i suppose we have to keep gathering for each meal time. Lastly, any idea if we have a chance to Ski? if so, how much it roughly cost? and since it is snowing… if there is any thick clothing for rental?[br][br]sorry for the long question. because i’m currently accounting how much to exchange for SWITZERLAND as it the only country we visiting not using Europe. i do not want to over change. quite tight budget… :stuck_out_tongue: [br]


Hi All![br][br]I’m traveling on this trip as well. I will be arriving in London on the 5th at 7am. If anyone is in London then, I would really appreciate it if someone could show me around, or just go exploring with me before the trip departs. One week left!!! See you all then.[br][br]Steph[br][br]You can email me or myspace me if you want to talk more.[br][br][br]