European wonder 5th May 2016


Hey! I’ve booked this trip and it’s my first time traveling solo! Any other solo first time travelers???


I think I’m gonna be on the same tour as you, and it’s my first time travelling solo too! :smile:


Hi Beth! Awesome! I’m from Melbourne. Where are you from?


I’m from Sydney! Are you doing any other travel while you’re over there? I’m staying in London after the tour and then heading over to Ireland to see some family :smile:


Hi Beth. I’m staying in London for a few days before and then have nothing planned for when we get back but I’ve got 2 weeks before coming home after the top deck tour :blush:


Oh, very nice :slight_smile: I’m cutting it very fine with my trip, I leave Ireland and then start back at college 3 days later!


Yes! 27 yo, New Zealander, traveling for the first time ever solo!


That’s exciting, Kelly! Are you doing anything extra before or after the tour?


Sounds like there will be a few solo travelers :blush: I’ll be in England from the 1st May and have 12 days of no plans post tour!


Heyyy jenni! are you staying at the wombat hostel in London before going on the tour? cause I am too!
btw my name is Ashlee 18 from Sydney and its my first solo trip too


Hey Ash! Yes I am!! Will be great to meet you before we jump in our tour :blush: I’m 29 and from Melbourne!


Hi! I just booked this trip last night. Its my first time traveling to Europe and I am going solo!


Hiii where are you from? would love to hang too! be glad to know as many people as possible :slight_smile:


Awesome! im doing one of those tourist bus tours maybe you wanna join me?


Im from Canada!! Im happy you guys are on here! I was a little nervous that I am going to not know anybody


Yay that is really good to hear! How old are you??


I am 23!


Awesome!!! Glad to have someone else we know :slight_smile:


question about packing. Are you planning on bringing a suitcase with wheels, or a backpacking bag?


I’m not sure. Was wondering the same thing. What’s your thoughts?