European Wonder 4th August



Is anyone booked on the European Wonder on the 4th August? :slight_smile:



I’m also booked on this trip. I’m coming from Perth, Australia :slight_smile:


Yay, finally located someone else going. I’m only coming from England so not too far to travel. Have you sorted your accommodation out for London?

Literally don’t know what clothes to bring either


Hey, I’m Steph! No, I haven’t sorted out London accommodation yet. I’m in Spain right now and I’ll be staying here till late July so I was planning on heading to London right after. I think I’ll be staying at the Wombat but I haven’t booked it yet. I’ve just tried to pack as light as possible because we’ll be lugging everything around. I’ve gone pretty basic – shorts, tshirts, dresses. Comfortable summer stuff. Will you be in London before the trip starts or are you coming in day of?


I’ll be coming down the night before the trip starts. Going to sort out my accommodation this week. So excited eek! You travelled alone?


Hey, I’m Josh :slight_smile: Another Aussie, but I’ve been in the UK for the last 5 weeks.Downside is, I’ve got a bucketload of luggage with me.

I’m staying at Wombats on the night of the 3rd, coming in on that day. Looking forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile:


Hey josh :slight_smile: Yeah I’m staying on the 3rd and when we come back too. Still got so much to sort out though


Are you two travelling to the Wombats tomorrow?