European Wonder 4-17 July 2007


Hi everyone[br]I am booked to go on this tour and am going by myself. I would really like to hear how people found this tour as well as get in touch with people who are either thinking about or have also booked on this trip.[br]I have not been to Europe before, neither have I ever travelled by myself so it both both exciting and nerve-racking![br]I hope to hear from people out there soon…[br]Jackie


hey! I’m not going on that tour but i am leaving for my tour on july 3rd… im also doing the edinburgh tour after i get back which will be late july… im 21, from sydney and this is my 1st trip to europe, im going by myself too… and im so excited and a little nervous!! im doing the grand european. r u staying at globetrotters b4hand? co i think im there the night b4, and probably going to book for the night b4 that too cos it will probably a lot easier… how old r u?


Hi[br]At the moment I do not know where I am staying before - probably with friends, but could be at Globetrotter. I am 28 but that has not stopped me from being quite nervous! I am from Taranaki here in New Zealand. I hope you have a lovely tour also!


Hi, Im booked on this tour too. But im going from the 6th-19th June 07. Im travelling with my fiance but you will be fine doing it by yourself because you will meet so many people on the trip.[br]It sounds like such an awesome tour!!! Im getting so excited. Im from Auckland New Zealand but were currently living on the Gold Coast.[br]How are you taking money? are you doing travellers cheques or cash?[br][br]Sarah


Hi Jackie![br]My name is Thea and I’m also on your tour! I’m quite nervous as well, I’m from the U.S. and I’ve never traveled overseas before, and am also coming by myself, so I completely understand! Just thought I’d say hello! Can’t wait to meet you in less than two weeks! I’m so excited![br][br][br]Thea