European WOnder 3rd July



I’m going to the Eurpean Wonder Tour 3rd July. I’m alone and I’ll be arriving to London from the 30th June. Anyone who would like to sightsee London with me before the Tour starts??



Hi I’m Karen and I’m also doing this tour alone and am also arriving into London early on 30 June!

I’m happy to meet up and go sightseeing if you’d like some company. I was planning on booking a 1 full-day tour on 1 July but other than that, just venturing out on my own.

I’m only checking into Clink on 2nd July - staying in central London (oxford circus) for first two nights.

Let me know if you’re keen and we can go from there.



Its great to find someone who is going alone too!!

I’m about to book clink hostel, but i dunno if it would be better to stay at Oxford Circus. Is it better for sightseeing or cheaper?

Anyway, I’m up to sightseeing together! Maybe you could add me to facebook my name is Ana Gabriela Orozco.

Cheers and tty soon!



Hi Ana,

I’ve looked for you on facebook - there is more than one of you so I hope I added the right person :slight_smile: I’m Karen Spillane from Brisbane, Australia.

I only booked this tour a week ago so I already had accomm booked so I’m moving into the clink on 2nd July. I can meet you in any case as both places are quite central in London.

I’ll look out for you on facebook. Can’t wait …not long to go now!!