European Wonder - 2nd July 2016: Who's going?!


Hey guys!

I’m a solo traveller booked into this trip. I booked into this trip because it’ll be my :tada: 21st :tada: on the 3rd of July, weow~! Looking to connect with some people online before I go. I’m an Australian student who lives in Brisbane. :eyeglasses:

I’m hoping there’s some other solo travellers on this trip too. Just wanting to know, who’s going? what extras are you looking at doing? any art/wine nerds like me who wants to boogie down and karaoke in some european bars coyote ugly style? :ok_woman:

I haven’t gotten any responses when trying to connect but if people respond I’ll make a facebook group where we can all chat~




Hi Georgina!
Wow great way to swing into 21! I’m a South African student, travelling with 2 mates, one from your side of the world strangely enough. Yea a FB group or something would be great, maybe when more people respond on here. Haven’t taken a proper look at extras yet but karaoke is always a :+1:


Hey Georgina,

I was about to book the trip for the 25th of June, but can’t find anyone posting about it, so looking at other dates now. I’ll be a solo traveller too from Sydney! Looking to book it in the next few days… . When are you getting to London? - This is the part I am still working out, when I should land!
Anyway find me on Facebook if you want to chat more



Oh cool! I made a facebook group, feel free to request to join :slight_smile: