European Wonder - 2nd April till 16th April


Hi all, my name is Laura and I am from Perth, Australia, is anyone booked to go on the European Wonder tour on the 2nd April, till the 16th? I will be travelling with my sister and her partner.:slight_smile:


My name is Scott Elliott, I’m from Vancouver, Canada. I will be on the trip with you! Is it just us four or what?[br][br];D


Hi Scott,[br][br]As far as I know from this forum post there is the five of us, I am coming along with my sis and her husband, plus there is another girlfrom Canada, are you staying at the Globetrotter inn the night before? Join the Topdeck group on Facebook if you on there. Email is paws47@hotmail if you want to write to me.[br][br]Laura


No I’ll be staying with an old friend I went to high school with who is now living in London. I will be arriving the night before from Budapest where I am now.[br][br]:sunglasses:


hey guys…[br]I see that you would have finished your tour by now and it would be awesome if you could tell us what it was like?[br]I am doing a European Wonder tour in July and would really appreciate getting some tips and general info about what you thought of it all, like with the accom and stuff like that!!![br]Hope you had a wicked time;D[br][br]Thanks,[br]J.