European Wonder 29th August


Hello There,[br][br]just looking to chat with anyone going on this tour. i am flying to london on 25th of August and will be staying at the globetrotter.[br][br]i will be by myself so thought this might be a good way to meet some others on the tour etc before i get there.[br][br]


Hiya[br][br]We(We being me and my bf Matt) are also going on this tour - flying into London on 18 August and staying with my sister until we go on the tour. We’re staying at globetrotter for the night of the 28th.[br][br]Had been thinking about starting a topic for this tour to get to know a few people before we go, so I was pleased to see someone else already had![br][br]Where in NZ are you from? Is this your first trip to UK/Europe?[br][br]Not long to go now…;D[br][br]Yoel


Hello,[br][br]im so glad someone actually wrote on this.[br][br]im from auckland this will be my first time to london and europe so im really looking forward to it. [br][br]YAY i leave tomorrow as im going to america first with my mum and younger brother =)[br][br]see you there!!