European Wonder 28th July


Any one going on the European Wonder 28th July?

Im David and im travelling by myself. Who else is going? :slight_smile:


Hey I’m going
Im Justin and Im going by myself too


Hey Justin

Where you from? Are you staying at the hotel the night before departure?



my girlfriend and I are also going on this trip. we’ve been booked on it for months so its finally nice to see some other people going! haha. We are staying at the Clink Hostel the night before, are you guys?



im from iowa and the clink hostel where we’re meeting was booked when i checked so i got one down the street called clink 261 or something like that


My sister and I are going on this trip also. Can’t wait!


Its Great to see there is other people on this Adventure :slight_smile:

Cant Wait :slight_smile:


Im going on this trip too, staying at the clink from the 26th

not long to go now


I’m doing this tour myself also. I’m Mandy.
Staying at the Clink the night before too, we should meet up at the bar for drinks that night :slight_smile:


Im on this tour too with my friend Mel :slight_smile:
And well be at the clink from the 26th…


I’m also doing this tour solo :slight_smile:
I’m staying at the clink from the 24th of July and a few days after the tour.
Two weeks and counting …