European Wonder 28th July



just wanted to give anyone on this tour a shout out. im very excited, going by myself but cant wait to meet everyone
needless to say the count down in my head has already begun ;D

ciao :-[



my girlfriend and are also booked on this tour. We’ve been super excited for months! Looking forward to meeting you and whoever else is on the tour :slight_smile:



heya, im on this tour with you!
I’ll be by myself aswell, when do you arrive into london? are you staying at the clinK


i arrive the 27th at like 8 in the morning :o
yep at clink nice and easy [^]

was thinking after i get to london that ill catch one of those london double decker bus tours ? has anyone been on one of those, any recommendations ?

also whats the best way to get to Clink ? are there courtesy buses from the airport? or should i just train it?

EXCITING … 56 days to go ;D :stuck_out_tongue: ;D


Less then a week to go and I can’t wait. I’m traveling by myself and also staying at the Clink; I arrive on the 27th.

Jeff, ;D


Me and my mate are doing this trip too and so excited! We did a hop on hop off tour and they are really good they also give you cheap deals for the wax museum and other things, would definitely recommend you do the yellow line, it’s got a tour guide and goes around all the key places


Hey guys I’m David and I’m traveling solo. I started my trip early and am currently in Switzerland but I’m so excited to get to London on the 27th and can’t wait for the trip to start :slight_smile: I look forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile: