European Wonder 28th April- 11th May 2011



Just wanting to know if there is anyone already booked in for this tour next year April 28th 2011?
I am and I’m so excited!

I thought it would be a good idea to get to know a bit about the others going before hand?

I’m Jess, living in Auckland NZ, my first tour. I’m travelling on my own…


Hey Jess! I’m doing this trip too, and travelling on my own!
I’m 20 and from Sydney…just booked the trip a few days ago, so excited!!
Are you staying in the Clink the night before? I’ll be staying with relo’s till the 27th, when I’ll check in and tour around London.


Oh good, I’m not alone!
Yip I’m staying at the clink the night before.

I’m 24 btw.

I’m quite nervous. There’s so much to think about. Like what to bring how much money I’ll need…


Hey everyone I just booked this tour too, so exciting…
I’m Harvey, I’m 21 from Sydney.
My situation is similar to you guys, staying at relatives, overnight at the Clink.

I’m travelling on my own too, so hopefully through the forum we can gain a better knowledge of who’s coming on the trip. Which is great…

Look forward to hearing from other travellers soon.



My name is Lydia and im 21 from Sydney

Im thinking about going on this tour but havent booked anything yet.

Im travelling on my own too and i was really nervous, im so glad there are other people going solo!


Whereabouts in Sydney are you guys from?
I’ve decided I want to go to the Globe Theatre on the 27th…the play that night is All’s Well that Ends Well…anyone else interested in coming with me?


I’m from the Inner west of Sydney.
Whereabouts is everyone else from, as there seems to be a few Sydney residents on here ?


i’m from north west, the hills area…but i’m living at bond uni on the gold coast at the moment :slight_smile:
how’s trip planning going?


My trip planning is going good. Just trying to work out how much spending money I’II need.
How’s everyone elses going ?


Haven’t really done anything else with the planning, mainly just figuring out what I want to definitely see in each city


I understand the time we spend at most of the places are short, but has anyone thought about some of the language barriers. I think I might learn a few simple words…


All good, starting to think seriously about what to bring. Money etc. I think i’ll get a travel card instead of using the visa, I can imagine the fees would be huge. Has anyone else got another idea on how you will pay for things?


hey all… the departure date is quickly approaching and the excitement is building. By the look of it some of you have been waiting for some time.

You all see to be from the other side of the globe. Am I going to be the only one from the UK?

I have friends that have been on this kind of tour before, they have an absolute blast and have met some really nice people in the process. My objective will be the same!

The trip looks to take us to some of the most amazing places Europe has to offer, its just making sure that this is one of the best, fun filled and most memorable trips EVER!!!

Look forward to meeting you all soon!!! (less that 6 weeks to go) ;D ;D ;D


6 more weeeeeeeks!!!

Looks like I’m the only Canadian here. :stuck_out_tongue: Is there anybody meeting in Paris? I will be heading to Paris on April 24 because I really want to spend more time in the museums (plus go on a day trip to Versailles).

Will be staying around for a bit in London after the tour… Let me know any of you want to join exploring… I’m travelling solo! WOOT!


Meeting in London I’m afraid.

With respect to the money situation there are a number of websites that you can visit in order for you to find the cheapest way of getting your travel money (from money exchange to using your cards abroad).

A card is offered by the agent that I booked my trip through which can be charged up with your spendo, but again there are charges for accessing your own money, which I disagree with. Tips would be if you are going to take money out at the cash point more and less frequent would be cheaper than little and often.

Also retailers abroad will offer you the option of paying in the local currency or your home currency depending on the card that you are using. This is known as dynamic currency conversion, which can be expensive if you choose to pay in your home currency as the exchange rates that they apply can be less favourable.

To help you with how much to take. Top deck have provided you with details on:

This will help you to plan how much you are going to need, not including spendo for various bits on the way. I think it would be sensible to budget how much you are willing/able to spend per day, and if you are considering going to bars and clubs along the way this can expensive so build this into your budget.

I think Euros is the currency that we will be using for most of the trip and i know that Switzerland has not converted to the Euro as yet. It may be worth investigating what currencies are going to be needed and where.

Hopefully that’s enough to help you all with your planning.


I’ve been looking into some of those optional extras as well.
The Jungfrau Excursion in Switzerland, and the Fat Tyre Bike Tour in Paris sounds very appealing. I’m keen to do those.


it all sounds really good… not too sure about the skydive tho :frowning:


I have created a new facebook group!!! :slight_smile:

European Wonder – 28 April - 11 May 2011


Hey guys!!! Finally got all of my paperwork for this trip and logged on to this website!! My friend Stephanie and I will be going on this trip and we are super stoked!!! Excited to meet everyone!!!


Hi all,

Just finished all my paperwork too. I’m from Canberra, Australia, but am currently working overseas… will also be staying at the Clink the night before so see you all in a few weeks.