European Wonder 27th August - 9th September


Hey,[br]My boyfriend and I are going on this trip, is anyone else? I’m getting really excited, it looks awesome![br][br]Sam


Anyone at all? Not too long now…


Hi there,my boyfriend ans i are also on this trip!![br]wohoo, 2 weeks to go![br]see you there


I’m getting really excited! Are you staying at the hostel the night before? Got to start thinking about packing now! I was beginning to wonder if anyone else was going…[br]Where are you from?


Hi Sam [br][br]We’re staying at a hostel near london bridge so we’ll have to trek over when the tour starts,[br][br]We’re from Melbourne


I don’t envy you the early morning! I live about 40 mins away from London, but there’s no way I could get to the hostel from home in time for the pickup, so we decided to stay there. [br]See you in two weeks!


Hey Sam, just checking the check-in and departure time for our tour. Most of the info says check-in 6:30 and depart 7am but the most recent itinerary we received says 6am check-in 6:30am departure?!?[br]it will make a big difference to us which one it is and we’d hate to be late! What have you been told?


hey sam, just called topdeck to confirm the departure time, was assured it is definately meet at 6:30 in order to leave at 7. Makes it heaps easier for us to get there![br]See you next wednesday!! Cant wait.


we just got back from this tour and you will have heaps of fun, lauterbrunnen is amazing and so is the rest of europe.[br][br]European Wonder 16th July.[br][br]A bad day on holidays is still better than a good day at work!!!