European Wonder 27th Aug 09


Hi every one![br]My partner and i are going on the european wonder trip on the 27th of august. I’m so excited!!! Our first trip to Europe!!! Interested in hearing from anyone else who is going and also anyone who has done it before. Any tips on what to take/not to take, which optional extras are worth doing, how much spending money etc. Tips on anything really…[br]Thanks Tess:)


Hey there, my flatmate and i are going on the 27th august wonder as well. From Australia and also looking for anyone else that might be going on this tour?


awesome!!! im from aust too… gold coast. me and my partner are staying at the generator the night before the trip is our first time in europe and we are sooooooooooo excited…where in aust are you from? have you travelled with topdeck before? not long to go now…:)[br][br]European Wonder 27th Aug 09


We are from Sydney. Yeah we will be staying at the generator the night before as well we arrive in london at 6:20am on the 26th so we have the day to get ready. We are also going on the Oktoberfest Decker tour after the Wonder tour. are you doing any tours after Wonder?


na we are going home after that. we are going to spain for a week before the tour. we are staying at the generator the night before too. see you there!!![br][br]European Wonder 27th Aug 09