European Wonder 27Aug-9Sept anyone?


Hello,[br][br]Just wondering if there is anyone else on this tour?


Hi there[br][br]My sister and I will be on that tour, we arrive in London on the 26th of August, can’t wait[br]We’re travelling from Melbourne and after European Eonder will be heading to the Greek Islands[br][br]Carole


Hello! my boyfriend and i are going on this trip…we are from the gold coast Australia. we are staying at the generator the night before. How old are you guys? we are both 26. look forward to meeting you all! :-)[br][br]European Wonder 27th Aug 09


Hi[br][br]I am also staying at the generator the night before the tour.[br][br]Im from the UK, and am 25.[br]Getting quite nervous now!!![br][br]Celtic Tour (Probably)


Oh and ignore the signature regarding the Celtic Tour, im on this one instead! :slight_smile:


Hello!!! Im coming - English and on my lonesome! - very very VERY excited!


Are any of you staying at the Generator the night of the 9th after the trip? I’m doing this tour from the 10th to the 23rd so I’d love to hear stories and advice.[br][br]------------------------[br]European Wonder - September 10 to 23[br]Generator Hostel September 9 & 23


Hi Guys,[br][br]Yes i am staying at the Generator the night before the trip and the night after.[br][br]