European Wonder - 26 Sep to 9 Oct!


Hi there[br][br]Just wondering if there is anyone else out there travelling on the European Wonder 26 Sep?!?[br][br]Or anyone who has been on the trip who can give us advice/info?[br][br]I’m 26, from Melbourne Australia, travelling with my boyfriend 31.[br][br]It’s getting so close now!! I can’t wait[br][br]Hope to hear from you soon![br][br]Cheers[br]Em[br][br]Beginning to worry now that there will be nobody else on this tour!!! Or that we are a bit too old for it!


Is there anyone out there? Only 2 weeks til our tour- I’m hoping its just a case of people not being on the forums as opposed to not existing!! ;D


Hi Emma,[br][br]There are 30 other travellers on your trip so you definitely won’t be alone! As in many cases, they just probably have not got around to using the Forum.[br][br]Have a great trip![br][br]Best wishes,[br][br]Anita


Thanks Anita! Less than a week to go so the panic/excitement has kicked in!