European wonder 25th aug


hey guys, anybody else on this tour?


Hi Kirsty,

My friend and I have booked this tour too and we’ll be joining in Paris :slight_smile:

Is it your first time with topdeck?


hey, im doing it with a friend aswell starting in London.
its our first tour yeah, have you travelled with topdeck before?


No! First time with a group also :slight_smile: We booked a while ago so we’re counting the days until the 23rd (we’ll be leaving from Montreal, Canada)!

I still have a few things left to buy and I’m already trying to figure out how is everything going to fit in my backpack… I think I’ll buy a bigger daypack ::slight_smile:


78 days and counting until we leave glasgow to head to London, so exciting, we also booked a while ago so it feels like ages!
yeah ve got most of my things in jut to buy a backbak or case, really doubt everything gonna fit! its so hard to pack light!
are you from Montreal or are you doing a bit of travelling before the tour?


I know!! I told my friend I would buy very portable travel gifts or else I will have to throw all of my stuff in garbages during the trip lol!

Btw I’m really from Montreal ! You’re from Glasgow… wow Scotland is definetely a country I want to visit someday.

Anyway if you want to add me on facebook my name is Anabela Nunes :wink:


haha ill probs end up losing half of my stuff on the trip anyways :stuck_out_tongue:
Glasgows a good place to visit you defs should!
Tried to add u but apparantly theres lots n lots of Anabela Nunes! add me Kirsty Farry


Hi guys!

I’m going to be joining this tour group too :slight_smile:
It’s going to be my first time to Europe, so i can’t wait!!

Terri :slight_smile:


Hi Terry!

You’ll be joining in London or Paris?


its good to eventually find others on this tour…69 days!!


i’m not sure yet whether i’ll be joining in london or paris…i was thinking of maybe going to paris a day or 2 earlier to do some exploring/shopping. Is there anyone joining in paris?


Hi Terri, my friend and I will be joining in Paris too but we’ll be arriving in Paris the morning before cause we want to go to Versailles (which we really wanted to see and is not included in the tour).

We’ll probably go shopping too ;D


Im going on this tour aswell, joining in paris and staying a while there before the tour. im so excited!!!


53 days until I leave for london for this tour! Its so exciting! Can’t wait to meet u guys :slight_smile:


hmmm…versailles sounds like an awesome option! i may be going to Portugal with some friends from London before joining this tour, but hoping to sneak in an extra day in paris :slight_smile:


Are you guys ready for the 25th of august? Europe, here we go! :slight_smile:


Almost bought everything I need! The big test will be next week-end when I’ll try to fit everything in the bag lol

I wonder how many of us will be there…

Btw anyone speaking a bit of french? My friend’s not very good in english and she’s starting to freak out a bit loll

Can’t wait to meet you guys!!!


19 days! think im organised…almost! cant beleive its so soon!


Hi guys!
I’m on this too but I’m on my own! Are any of you starting from London staying in the Clink hostel the night before?!


my friend and i are staying in the Clink the night before, youll probably find us in the bar! :slight_smile: