European Wonder 25 June


Hi[br]It?s only 19 days until I leave little old NZ. Very exciting! Would love to hear from anyone who is doing this tour or who will be around London 20-24 June or traveling from London to Scotland approx 17-20 July. I?m largely traveling solo so it would be cool to meet up and do some sights with other travelers. [br]


Hi Val, i was originally going to be doing the same top deck tour as you but my plans changed and now doing the same one but on July 2-15th. Ill be travelling on my own also, and will be in London from 15th - 19th July if you would like to meet up. Flick me an email[br][br]paulie


Hi Val![br][br]I’ll be on the same tour as you! I’m 21 and hail from Calgary, Canada but I’ve been living in Germany for the past month to brush up on my German![br][br]I’m really excited for the tour! I’m also going solo.[br][br]- Brit :)[br][br]~European Wonder June 25th to July 8th 2009~


Oh I’ll also be in London the day before on the 24th of June and then from the 8th to 11th of July. I’ll be staying with a friend and not at a hostel though.[br][br]~European Wonder June 25th to July 8th 2009~


Hey Paulie, I?m picking I will probably just miss you as I need to start making my way up to Scotland 17 July. I think the European Wonder looks like an awesome tour, so enjoy your trip![br][br]Hey Brit, I?m so pleased to have finally come across someone else going on the same tour! I?m 23 but will turn 24 during the trip. It?s not long until we go now! Will you just make your way to the Generator the morning we depart? I?m staying there the night before but have plans so wont get much of a chance to meet people before we leave. [br]


Hey Val, yup I’ll just be heading there the morning of. I haven’t seen my friend in awhile since he’s been studying at LSE so I’m pretty excited to get there![br][br]~European Wonder June 25th to July 8th 2009~


Do you have Facebook Brit? Feel free to add me