European Wonder 23rd Sept to 6th Oct


Hi all,

I am doing this trip solo :slight_smile: im 21 girl from Tassie Australia. Would love to know who else is going

Sarah :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah Jane,
im also in this tour. Will be doing it solo. 25, Sydney. When do you fly? What are your plans for before and after?


Hey, My name is Kylie and I am going on this tour solo as well. I will be staying at the clink from the 18th sep till the tour starts. if anyone else is, let me know and we can meet up. By the way i live in brisbane


Hi Kylie, Im leaving Syd on teh 16th. Will be in London, and staying at Clink 2 days prior the tour. Dont really have plans thats locked before or after the tour. Would love to visit Ireland and Spain. What are you doing pre and post?


hey GG26, Im just hanging around london and doing the sightseeing thing. but if i get bored, who knows. we should meet in the bar at the clink on tues 21 sep.


Hey Kylie and GG26

Ill be in london from 21st and also staying at the Clink just seeing the sightes before the trip starts



Hey guys! My fiance and I are doing this trip as well! We live in Brisbane and are coming over on Sept 20. Itโ€™s SO SOON!!!
We are going to hang around London and do the Tower and stuff for the 2 days. There will be heaps to do!
We are staying at the Clink too.
Have you guys all bought your stuff? I am nearly finished shopping, trying so hard not to bring too much stuff but itโ€™s hard :slight_smile:
Sounds like we have a nice little group - canโ€™t wait to meet you guys!



Hey Julie,

Good to hear that the Brizzies are well supported. Hope to see u guys at the clink on the 21st (see above messages)โ€ฆ



Hey Jules and Si,

I know its so close im getting rather excited!!! I think i have nearly got all my things it is so hard no to bring to much stuff :slight_smile:



Hey guys! We are jumping on the plane tomorrow at 2pm. Starting to get nervous :slight_smile:
See you in a few days! Hopefully we can catch you in the pub on the 21st.



hello everyone!

Welcome to London! Hope you all having a good time. Iโ€™ll be with you people in this tour. I am from Bangladesh and living in this country for last 7 years (with a curse of being student :โ€™( ).

What time you are meeting at the bar? Hope you dont mind if I pop in