European wonder 23rd of may


Hi, Im doing the european wonder tour by myself, and wanting to know if any body else is doing it??


Hi Candice, I to have booked this trip from 23/05 - 05/06. I am on my own from melbourne,Aus, when are you heading to london?


Hello, I’m also on this tour, I’m Kelly from Melbourne! I’ll be staying at the clink hostel before the tour from the 19th may!


Hi :slight_smile: me and my sister are doing this tour too. We are from mildura… Probably will be staying at clink hostel from the 17th


I am on London from 20th and havent decided where to stay at yet, first time travelling overseas, so most of you are staying at clink hostel? maybe ill look into that, is it close to London? I want to check out the city and not be far?


It’s near kings cross station so pretty close to city plenty of tube connections to get places. Probably buses too. Easy enough to find you way to and from there