European wonder 23 august :)


Hi Everyone,

Is anyone doing the European Wonder tour from the 23rd of August 2012? I’m 23 travelling alone and was hoping to know of a few others who may be doing the same :slight_smile:



Hi Bec,
I am also traveling alone in Europe over August and septemeber, this trip looks great, am looking at a few others though, i now have the big decision of choosing which one!!


Hi Allanah

Yeah I am also travelling in August and September, took me ages to decide which tour aswell but was happy with my choice as the European Wonder covers the basics especially if you want a bit of a taste of everything across 2 weeks. Let me know if you decide to do it! :slight_smile:


Hi Bec,
Have decided to book this trip. Have you booked yet?


Yes I have Allanah :slight_smile: have u? if u have facebook i can also talk to u on there if u like so i know who u are before trip :slight_smile:


Yes I have! Booked today. Facebook sounds like a good idea. My name is Allanah O’Gorman, hopefully you will be able to find me on there. Talk soon. :slight_smile:


Hi my name is kassy and me and a friend have booked this trip aswell, it will be our first tour and we are really looking forward to it, have you done these tours before?


Just booked :slight_smile: really keen to check out Europe!


Hey do u have facebook? Really want to get to know some people before the tour!


Great idea :slight_smile: my name is Michelle however its a rather common name so i posted on the topdeck Facebook group so feel free to add me from there!


Hi Kassy & Michelle, please feel free to add me on facebook, would really like to get to know a few people before our trip. Only 8 weeks till i leave, so excited!


hey hey i will also be on this tour, travelling solo. pretty excited ;D


Hi Sylvia! awesome :slight_smile: my name is Rebecca Cross if you want to add me to facebook, theres also a few others going as you can see above :slight_smile: not long to go now!!


Hi all! Myself and 2 friends r doing this tour (all Aussies). Look forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:


booked in for the tour and can’t wait for it to start! looking forward to meeting you all, are there any late 20s or early 30s amongst you?? :slight_smile: (traveling alone)

my facebook name is michelle.webdesignme


Hi Michelle,
just added you too facebook :slight_smile: im 24 also travelling alone there are a few other girls travelling alone that have commented here as well!



Hello nice to meet you guys, Me and my sister are going to join this trip too
we are very excited to go to Europe in a month. It is first trip to Europe!
I have an appointment with my friend in France after my appintment, I am gonna join in Paris

I am curious of all members of this trip!

see youguys soon

add me! my facebook name Pearlkim


Hey Guys, Not long to go now, i am travelling solo also and Michelle i am 28!

Look forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! Awesome can’t wait to meet you all :slight_smile: When are you leaving Nicole? Im also from Melbourne!