European Wonder 22nd September-5th October


Hi, I’m Amanda from Auckland NZ and was wondering if there is anyone else on this forum who will be going on the European Wonder Trip from September 22nd-5th October? If so, Please comment on my post so we can chat. Thanks, Amanda


Hey Amanda! Im also from NZ - Wellington, and my partner and I will be on this trip. So excited! Is this your first topdeck? Kyla :slight_smile:


Hi Kyla,

Yes this is my first topdeck tour and I will also be going on a Trafalgar tour prior to this Topdeck tour so super excited :slight_smile:

Have you and your partner been on any tours previously?


Hi Amanda!

I will be on this tour as well, first time going on this tour! I’m from Winnipeg, canada and travelling solo! :slight_smile:


Hi Jeannie,

This will be my first Topdeck Tour aswell and I will also be travelling solo. I fly out tomorrow night and will be starting my first tour with Trafalgar on the 10th September. I am feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement atm.


Are you doing two tours then?


Yes I will be. Il be doing two tours. My Trafalgar Tour will commence on Saturday and will end next Saturday. Then I will start my Topdeck Tour on the 22nd. I have five days inbetween to explore London which will be cool. I will be staying at Wombats between the 17th-22nd (Morning) and also the 5th and the 6th October (Morning). Anybody staying at Wombats during that time? If so it would be cool to meet up before the tour?


Cool I will be in London the day before!! On September 21 in the morning and will be staying at the wombat hostel too!


In that case, Maybe we should meet up at Wombats on the 21st? How many other people are you sharing a room with?


I will be in a 4 bedroom dorm myself.


My tour notes say from 4-6 ppl! Yes we can meet up for sure!


Hi Amanda! I will arrive at London airport at 830am ish so not sure when exactly I’ll be at the hostel!! But what time would you want to meet up and also where?


Hey Jeannie, Did you get my private message that I sent a few days ago?


On here yes! :slight_smile:


Hi guys! I hope you don’t mind me asking, I’m doing this tour around the same dates this year, and I was wondering what the weather was like temperature wise? What you guys packed/wore? Any tips would be great! Thanks heaps :slight_smile: