European Wonder 21st July to 3rd August!


Anyone else going on this tour? I’m staying at the Clink Hostel the night before so it would be cool if there were other people there as well going on the same one :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m also going on this tour and staying at the Clink the night before!


ah cool are you going by yourself?


i’m going on this tour but leaving on the 6ct of october



If you want to find other people on the same tour as you, try starting your own thread :slight_smile: It makes things much easier then.



Yes I’ll be going by myself. It will be my first time traveling alone. What about yourself?


Yep I’m by myself and first time travelling as well. I’m also going to be studying at the University of Glasgow for 4 months when I’m done travelling. Are you at university?


That sounds awesome! I’m actually currently studying in Scotland at the University of Dundee until 20 July! I’m originally from the US though. What will you be studying over at Glasgow?


Oh you’re American? Are you on exchange in Scotland or something?
I’m studying Biomedical Science and Philosophy, you?


Not an exchange, I’m doing DNA structure research!


wow, that’s actually impressive haha



Im going too, Im traveling by myself,

I`ll be at the clink Hostel the night before we depart,

Hope we can meet us there.



hey all!
I’m also staying at Clink hostel the night before too!
I’m travelling with my sister!
It will be cool to meet you all there before our trip began!
Hope to see you there


Hey everyone!

I’m going on this trip, and I will be staying at the Clink hostel as well! Anyone arriving in London around 8? I’m hoping to meet someone at Heathrow and share a ride to the hostel. I’m traveling alone and I’m so nervous/excited!