European Wonder 2019


I’m looking at booking my first Topdeck tour, but little bit nervous about travelling solo! Is anyone else looking to book on the European Wonder tour next year? Stuck trying to decide the best month to book it for as well! :star_struck:


hey! I am looking into this tour too! im thinking ill book a May one!


I’m flying solo , but just booked on European oddessy. Leaves London 11th August .


I’m exactly in the same situation!! Trying to book my first solo Topdeck tour for European Wonder. Deciding which month to choose. Juggling between May and June. Hoping to stop procrastinating and book soon. :star_struck:


Just gotta do it . Let me know , there a girl on here u can get 15% discount her names Tara… I booked through her


Hello! Haha cheers Paul, so happy to help! Have just messaged you Ronak! :smile:


Well there you go I don’t know what hAppened , I thought I sent it to some guy as a message . Thanks for your help Tara


I am looking European tour but date not confirm.


NO YOU NOT, you’re not going


I’m going solo for the first time on this tour departing 23rd May. Excited and anxious as I’ve never done anything like this before.