European Wonder 2016 Thu 23 June - Wed 06 July


Hi all!

I am so excited to be booked into the European Wonder tour in June this year! I am going with three other friends, we all come from NSW Australia.

Keen to know about who else will be travelling with us on this tour. And also a shout out to any solo travelers who may want to see who they will be meeting on their adventure.

Looking forward to meeting you all soon!

Rhyanna :grin:


Hi Rhyanna :slight_smile:

I am thinking of doing this one or either the one departing two days later.
I am 21 from Melbourne and would be a solo traveller. How old are you?

Do you know anyone else on it?




Hi Charlotte!

I’m 27, and I’m travelling with 3 awesome boys around the same age.

Hope you book with us!


Hey Rhyanna,
My friend and I just booked in for European Wonder on these dates !
Super excited for it, not too long now :slight_smile:



Hi Kate,

That’s so awesome! Only 3 months to go and it feels like it’s coming up so fast.

We will be staying at the back Packers for the 2 nights before the tour too so if you need some early drinking buddies hit us up.


Hey all!
I’m 21 from Warrnambool Victoria and will be travelling solo on the European Wonder tour on these dates also!
This will be my first time travelling solo, nice to know there will be some Aussies to keep me company :slight_smile: