European Wonder 2012?



I am looking at doing the European wonder tour in June 2012 and will be solo!! Anyone else looking at this tour or anyone that has done it solo before? I have travelled a fair bit but never done Europe and it’s a bit daunting on my own!!


Hey, I was going to be doing the solo thing myself until I convinced my brother to come along! We’re departing on the 7 July though. can’t you do July? I have never been overseas, so its all going to be new either way!


Hey Sam82
Still thinking of the European Wonder?
Im considering European Getaway in May 2012, will be travelling solo aswell and am from Perth.What are your plans?


Hi, I’m doing the European Wonder next June as well. I’m going solo departing on the 7th :slight_smile:


My name is Tobi and I am going on the May 3rd trip. This will be my first time travelling solo outside of the US and Canada, so I look forward to meeting anybody that is going on this trip.


I booked this tour, but I’ll depart on 26th july.
First international trip and travel solo too. I’m a lil bit nervous, but very excited.


Hey Mate

A couple of my mates and I are doing European wonder on 21st June to 4th July.
We’re from Mid 20’s guys from Perth…


June 14th solO as well!!! Can’t wait


Hi Guys,
I’m doing this trip on the 28th of June with 3 friends! We would love to hear from anyone else doing these dates :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

my name is Daniel and I’m planning to book a trip around Europe on the 26th of July together with my girlfriend. It’s our first time traveling with a group. We’re Europeans ourselfs but haven’t seen all of Europe yet, so that’s basically the reason why we consider to do a trip around Europe with Topdeck ! ;D