European Wonder 2012 (HTEW)


I’m travelling in August on the European Wonder to France, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Austria, Germany, Netherlands & Belgium (14 days in total) and was wondering which is the best Cash Passport to take?

I’m from the UK but last time I took one of my bank cards overseas I overspent (lol) and was charged quite a bit for withdraws so with a cash passport I’d pre pay the required amount and add an little extra. I want a card I can withdraw from without incurring a huge charge and one that I can also use to make debit transactions. As Switzerland’s currency is Swiss Francs could this also be loaded or am I better off carrying cash as I plan to do the sky dive! :slight_smile:

Also for anyone who has done this trip how much spending money roughly is needed?

Oh anyone else booked for 9th August?