European Wonder 2011 Finish time


Hi all!
We need to book flights after the European Wonder tour from London. Just wondering if anyone know the approx time the tour (European Wonder) finishes in London.
Thanks for any help, cant wait for the tour to start! :o)


It says it gets back to london at around 9pm but its not always on time. I talked to a Lady the other day and she said that sometimes it can be earlier or later depending on the ferry trip back home.


Hi guys,

Just to confirm, our trips generally conclude in London around 9pm on the final day. Of course, this is subject to change ie. there may be some traffic along the way so could take a little longer or we might jump on an earlier ferry so get back to London a bit sooner.

Better to book your flight for later, rather than sooner :slight_smile: wouldn’t want to miss it! Plus you’re probably going to want to spend the final evening with your new travel buddies!

Topdeck Team