European Wonder 2009 (July30 to Aug12)


Hi guys… who is taking this trip? id love to hear from you here before we meet during the trip :0


anyone going on this tour? guys?


yea hi there, my names matt.[br]i am doing the same tour, european wonder july 30 to august 12. will be staying at the generator hostel from the 29th july. would be great to meet some ppl before getting on the bus.[br][br]mjf


hi matt. where you from? ill be coming from Holland before I join the tour. i will be back in London on the evening of the 29th. YEah id love to see you guys before hand. let’s keep in touch. [br][br]are you doing anything after the tour?


i see you’re from australia. i’m from the philippines. ill be in the UK for a month then holland before I start on this tour. which part of australia are you from? do you have facebook?


my name is jose by the way


hi jose, im from melbourne australia. im doing new zealand then coming to london a couple of days before the tour. will be heading home after the tour back to the joys of work. lol. yea i have facebook. just look for matt franklin, geelong vic australia.[br][br]mjf


can’t find you in facebook. too many matt franklins… haha… look for me… easier… jose maurice yap… lets chat there easier… never been to aussie but i would love to go there… will wait in facebook