European wonder! 20 sept 2011


B-)Whose all going on European wonder it’s going to be epic


What date you going???


I am having the European Wonder tour on 22nd Sep


I’ll be on this tour!! Excited to meet all you folks ;D where’s everyone from?


hey keybee,we are 2,we are asians and being in London,how about you ?


Hey Nik! Gonna be coming from Canada :slight_smile: Can’t wait to meet you both! I’ll be travelling solo- anyone else?


hi,when will you be in London ? if you have any trouble in London,dont hesitate to contact me, :slight_smile:
It seems that there are only you and me in this topic, :frowning:


hey everyone! i was thinking of going on this tour on the 22nd of september! last minute decision will be travelling alone! what does everyone think? :slight_smile: