European Wonder - 19th May 2016


Who else is on the European Wonder tour starting in London on 19th May 2016?


Hi Mitch! I am going on the European Wonder, starting in London on 19th May too :). I’m 23, from England and feel a mixture of excitement and nervous at the moment! Never travelled alone before!


Hiya, I am ! :smile:
I’m 27 and travelling from Perth Western Australia.


Hi Michelle! Yey! How exciting! Have you ever done a trip like this before? x


I have travelled before, but never on my own. This will be a life changing experience for those of us doing it alone I am sure ! :smiley: can’t wait ! And can’t wait to meet you!

  • also Mitch and Grace get the “Topdeck” mob app. You will need your Topdeck booking number from your travel agent. There is an itinerary, city maps, you can add the weather temp of the cities we’re seeing, spending money budget calculator and a chat for our group ( im the only one registered so far) lol “go me !” :joy:- but its better than this website… x