European Wonder 16 June 2011


Hey is anyone else going on the European Wonder starting on June 16 2011?? ;D

I would love to get to know some people before hand?? Its my first time travelling alone so a little nervous!


I am! I’ve been looking on these forums for ages to see if anyone is going on the same tour! I’ll be going with my brother and a friend. Will you be in London for a few nights before too?


hey, yay finally found someone else going :slight_smile:
I am staying for two nights before the tour starts at the clink, wbu??


awesome! I’m Sara btw and yep i’ll be staying there a few nights before as well :slight_smile: are you on facebook?


Me too! Can’t wait, i’m travelling on my own too. Am staying at the Clink the night before we leave :slight_smile:


Wicked! It would be good to get to know some people before the tour starts.

I’m Adi Bell btw add me on facebook ;D


Cool I’ve added you! counting down the days now! Have any of you got your itinerary yet? I still haven’t got mine.

hlc6 - Are you on fb too?


Yep am on fb, my username is hlcnz :slight_smile:
Haven’t got my official itinerary, only the one off the website. Less than 7 weeks til we go! So excited ;D


added you as well. so excited too!! Will be in touch again closer to the date and we can all catch up in London! when do you guys leave for Europe?


Sounds great, I leave on the 3rd of June, counting down the days now! Got a couple of weeks in the UK before we go on the tour, but should be around London at least a couple of days before we go :slight_smile: You?


I leave on the 4th of June and will be in Amsterdam and Copenhagen before, then in London for a couple of days before the tour as well :slight_smile:


Hey I’m going on this tour too. I’m only going to arive the day before the tour starts.


Awesome :slight_smile: are you staying at the clink the night before?


Yea I am.