European Wonder 16/8/12-29/8/12


Anyone else going to be on the European wonder tour 16/8/12-29/8/12. not long now cant wait :slight_smile:


OMG finally!!! Someone else who is going on the this tour! I literally booked yesterday but have been watching all the threads on here to see who else was going?

I originally booked myself on the Southern Nomad 2012 but thought why stop at Rome when I can continue on through Europe with the rest of the people on the tour!

I am so excited but feel sooooo under-prepared! ;D


I only booked this a couple of weeks ago have a wedding to attend in Germany on the 1/9 so decided to book a tour beforehand.

I went on a Topdeck Euro tour in 2010 they are amazing! but will never do a camping tour again im so not cut out for it lol

are you travelling alone?


This tour is 50percent off now! Wishing I could go on this one but IM going on an earlier date in August!


Well I paid my deposit for the Southern Nomad which is 535 and I would have had to buy a flight home which would have been another 140 so worked out 675…so when I saw the 50% off I changed to the longer tour - European Wonder - works out the same price and takes me home! ;D

I am travelling alone, so glad someone else has already done a tour with them…makes me feel a bit better you know what to expect lol. Are you also travelling alone? :slight_smile:


50% off thats great worked out well for you. I got it at 10% off and thought that was a good deal :slight_smile:

yeah I will be travelling alone Ill be flying into London the night before the tour at around 8pm was going to catch the tube to kings cross station then grab a taxi to the clink, but I’m wondering if its safe on the tube at night? also if its quicker and more convenient to get a vehicle transfer from the airport straight to the clink I know that will be heaps more expensive but the last thing I want is to get lost at night whilst jet-lagged just doesn’t sound like a fun time.


Well both airports (Heathrow & Gatwick) have rail stations where you can get an over ground train, rather then the tube. From Heathrow you can get the heathrow express straight to Paddington and from there you can get a cab to King’s cross? OR from Gatwick get the Gatwick express to London Victoria and get a cab? Both Victoria and Paddington are about 10-15 mins in a cab so will be cheaper? Prob quicker too? Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I am not looking forward to travelling to the Clink for a 6am start :-/


just looked up the Heathrow express best option thanks heaps for the tip!


Hey guys, so glad to see some other ppl going on this tour! I fly into London on the 12th so have a few days beforehand to suss out London. Cant wait!


Hi Amanda. I recommend the hop on hop off bus tour around London was great. Not long to go now I’m really looking forward to it I need a holiday so bad!


Ur welcome Tash X

Well it’s 6 weeks away now! I keep thinking omg what have I done! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Amanda, nice to hear of another person coming with us on the tour :slight_smile:


Thanks Tash, will have a look at the bus tours
Will be so nice to escape this horrible cold weather in Adelaide and work! Cant wait :slight_smile:


The weather is not any better here in London atm! It’s raining and dull :’(

I have been trying to write a list so I can get organised for the tour, looking up quick drying travel towels today lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I just wanted to ask how you guys intend on carrying/using money when you are in Europe?

I am researching pre-loaded cards and cash passports etc but all the different charges just confuse the hell out of me! Anyway got any good tips, Tash you went before, how did you manage your money during the trip? x :slight_smile:


Hi guys, I just booked myself this tour today, can’t wait for it now!!! I’ve been in London for a while now & I’m finally going to see Europe now, we are gonna have so much fun :slight_smile: can’t wait till next month now


Hi everyone!! I’ll also be going on this tour, i’m going alone so I can’t wait to meet all of you :slight_smile:


I’m really looking forward to this trip and meeting you all, its my first time to Europe so it’ll be good to see so much, I’ll be spending the next few months based in Ireland after the tour. Looks like there are still quite a few places left for the tour, don’t think they’ll last long at 50% off


Deb in regards to money on the trip. Last time I went NAB had a great account for overseas travel they no longer have this account but offer travel cards which are not even close to as good cause you have to allocate the funds into specific currencies and I dont think they cater for CHF but thats prob what I will go with and just take $50 in GBP with me and a couple of hundred in CHF and just load the card with Euros. ATMS were never a problem. All the optional extras have to be paid in cash to the tour guide but they will give you notice and you will have a chance to get cash.
Hi there Gypsygirl, Manuela and Xavier :slight_smile:
Im going to put it to the group to see if we can maybe get a group together to go the the Moulin Rouge. Topdeck offer a cabaret show but its not the moulin rouge and I just think it would be heaps cool to be able to have the experience of going to the actual Moulin Rouge. what do you guys think?


I think Moulin Rouge would be awesome, you thinking instead of the cabaret show Topdeck offers? Wish we had more time, so much to do and see, so little time!


The Moulin Rouge would be awesome to go see & experience, I’d be up for that for sure!!!
You gotta do these things while ur there, cause who knows the next time u will have the chance to go there again, that’s my theory anyways :slight_smile: