European Wonder 14th July


Hi guys! I’m travelling by myself for the first time and just wanting to know who else is doing this trip?


Hi Teagan,

I’ll be joining this trip as well!

Kind Regards,


Hi Reese

Thank you for replying! Getting close now :grinning:



Hey Teagan! I’m travelling by myself on this trip as well! Getting excited :slight_smile:


Hi Daniela! Thank you for the reply. I’ll be picking up the tour in Paris…YAY getting very very excited! :grin:


That’s awesome! I’m starting in London, after 2.5 weeks travelling around with friends!


hey guys!
I’m thinking of doing this tour too! Never travelled before, if anyone wants to direct chat and become friends message me on Instagram zach.s.h


Hi guys

Sounds like there are a few of us solo travellers, starting to get excited! :slight_smile:


Oh nice! Are you from Australia Daniela?


Hi Cassie. Yes me too! Counting down the days :grin:


I finally booked onto this trip, I’m from London so if anyone wants to meet beforehand or to be shown around anywhere, give me a shout/message or something:-)


Hi guys, I’m going on the mountains and Beaches tour which is the same first 2 weeks as your tour but then you carry on. I’m also travelling solo and never done anything on my own before and don’t know anyone doing my trip. Glad I’ve found someone :slight_smile: I’m from Derbyshire and traveling down to London on 14th to stay over that night before starting on the Friday to Paris. Xx


Hi Natalie! Yay!!! I’m starting to feel more better about this trip now…can not wait to meet you, I’m from Australia but I am starting the trip in Paris as flights were a tad cheaper this way… Can not wait for the trip! :grinning:


Hi Zach. Il be meeting the trip in Paris :grinning:


That’s great @teaganobrien :slight_smile: can’t believe it’s only 2 weeks away. Excited but nervous at same time. What sort of age are you all? I’m 18. Are you all taking rucksacks? X


Anyone got Facebook or instagram as would be nice to get to know each other a bit before the trip espciecaly as we’re all traveling solo :slight_smile: will help me to feel better :slight_smile:


Hi Natalie! I’m 26, I sure do my Insta is teaganob and Facebook is Teagan O’Brien. What is a rucksack lol. I’m trying to only take one suit case a carry on and a a handbag as I want to buy a heap of things over there :grinning:


Thank you Teagan :slight_smile: it’s a backpack - Gapyear company said to use one rather than a suitcase because we’re camping. I’ve got a 65L one nut worried I’m not gonna have enough room for everything. I’d forgotten I could have a hand bag too but not sure what I’m going to take and where to put it yet…xx


Oh haha well I have a work mate that did the 30 day Europe topdeck tour so il ask him what he took and if he was carrying it around all the time and I will
Let you know :grinning: Xx


Hi Natalie, I was talking to one of my mates and they said to take something on wheels so it is easier to cart to places even tho I don’t think we will be doing much of that. Getting close now! xx