European Wonder 14 Day tour - 26 May 2011


Hey Everyone,
Im from Australia and my mate and I are going on the European wonder tour (leaving 26 May) :slight_smile: we are soooo excited - just got our tickets today!! :slight_smile:

Just wondering who else may be going on this tour?
Ash 19/M/Aus


My best friend Alanna and I are going on this tour! We can’t wait! You’re the first people we’ve heard from that are going on the same trip!


Hey! I am going on this tour as well from Boston! Small world. . .can’t wait!


awesome :smiley: we started gettin a bit worried cause noone was talking bout this tour haha but glad to hear other people are actually going on it too ahaha
We are sooo excited too

question - are you taking backpack or a suitcase?


Hello everyone, I’m from San Diego California. I recently booked my flight for the trip. I just wanted to know if anyone else is going to be going by themselves? Also, I will be in London a few days before. I arrive on the 23rd. Anyone interested in meeting up before hand? Hope to meet you all soon. -valerie


What a small world! Where in Boston are you from Meaghan? I think Alanna and I are bringing backpacks. Anyone staying at Clink the night before the trip? 21 days left! So excited! :slight_smile:


my mate and I are travelling through London, Dublin and Edinburugh for 2 weeks before hand then we are stayinh at the Clink the night before :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Im soooo excited - leaving in 5 days :slight_smile: :slight_smile: