European Wonder 13th October - 26th October 2016


Hey guys, I’m doing the European Wonder tour from the 13th October - 26th October 2016. I’m travelling from Melbourne - London on the 11th and spending a day in London before the tour starts. Let me know if you guys are going and where you’re travelling from :slight_smile:


My name is Rebecca and my boyfriends name is Zak.
We are from Melbourne but will be traveling from Japan to London on the 10th to do this tour. Do you know of anyone else that is going? I’m struggling to find more people…
Totally hanging out for October :smile:


Hey! Nice to hear from you! No, you guys are the only people I know of who are going! Hopefully more come onto the forums closer to October


Hey ,
Ill be doing the tour also! Just have to finalise my booking this week :slight_smile: I will be flying in from Sydney on the 11th also! Getting excited for a spontaneous trip :slight_smile:


Yeah my decision was pretty spontaneous also :smile:

So you’re from Sydney?


G’day guys,
Treating myself to a two week break from work. Will be flying solo as well. Look fwd to catching up for a drink with you all :slight_smile:

  • Liam


hey guys i am coming from goulburn australia but travelling to adelaide then to perth then off to london on the 12th anyone staying a wombats hostel that night so we can meet each other i am a shy person


I will be flying in on the 12th from Dubai. I am also staying at the wombat that night. If anyone would like to grab a feed I’d be more than happy.

  • Liam


I’m staying the night of the 12th at Wombats hostel also, going for dinner and a drink would be a good idea! :slight_smile:


Me and my friend will be staying there for a few days before, don’t worry people on these things arent as bad as they seem


hey only a few weeks till we all meet anyone getting excited yet -rainy


Super excited, I’m so pumped for Europe and its cold weather.