European Wonder 13 May 2010



Three of my friends and I from Singapore will be embarking on the European Wonder Tour beginning on 13 May 2010. So who’s signed up for that tour too? Let’s start a thread so we can get to know each other! Beginning from myself and my friends, we are four girls, all 24 years old. :smiley:



Hi Karene!

I’m also going on this tour :slight_smile: I’m 25, from Australia and will be doing the tour by on my own.

Look forward to seeing you over there!



Hey guys
A friend and i are both coming on this tour also!! Both girls 26 & 27 from australia and were on the countdown! Cant wait to meet you all


Great! The date is drawing near. Hope the ash situation in Europe will clear soon! Look forward to seeing you all! :slight_smile:


I am also on this tour. 21 from Canada =) Look forward to meeting you guys! :wink:


Yea the ash was a bit of a worry! Cant believe how quick the time has gone, what are everyones plans? We’re spending a couple of days in london before the tour to try n see as much as we can while we’re over there!


Agreed Bec it’s certainly getting close!!

Good idea on spending time in London beforehand - everyone i’ve spoken to who has been there reckons you need a while there to take as much in as possible. I arrive in London on May 4 before heading up to Manchester for the final EPL game of the season and then back into London for the 3 nights before we depart. After the tour i’m planning on hiring a car and driving around the UK at my own pace, before heading to Germany for an Eastern Road Contiki Tour and then to Barcelona and Ibiza with some friends.

Anyone else going to be hanging around in London before/after the tour?


Wow Andrew that’s a lot of travelling you are doing !

Hi all, I’m with Karene and we will be staying in London to explore its sights before returning on 31-May. Prior to Topdeck we will be visiting Windsor Castle, Bath and Stonehenge. We have got a very good deal with St Christopher’s Inn, in case any of you are interested here’s the link:

See ya soon !

p/s: Karene, exactly 1 more week before we fly !!! go d/l tripdeck in you iphone pls !


Was just about to ask you guys if you are bringing any sleeping bags and saw this thread:

hmm… think ground sheet & pillow case will work for us?


Wow ur plans sound great Andrew!! Adelle i checked out the deal u mentioned how good is it!! We already hav accomodation at clinks so we didnt hav to worry about getting around too much, Also on the sleeping bag i read that thread also! Sarah n i both hav tiny sleeping bags i actually rolled mine out the otha nite to check it out …n see if it actually went back in! Ha ha Sooo excited ;D


Hey guys!!

This is elyse. My friend Stephanie and I are going for the tour too! It’s our grad trip. :smiley:
We are from Singapore. We’ll be arriving in london 3 days before on 10 may and will be
staying at Clink hostel.

We’re planning a day trip out of london too…prolly on the 11 may…yups, we’re finalising the
details later today.

See you guys there! :smiley:


Not long now all!! If anyone is thinking of hanging round before or after definitely hang out in London. I’ve just had 3 days there and it’s awesome!! ;D


Hi!! I’m also traveling on this tour…from singapore. So excited to see so many singaporeans going on this trip! haha… anybody taking BA flight on 11 may night?? we can meet up at changi airport! =))


I’m also in the tour nay.lieu I can meet you?