European Wonder 13 June- 27 June


Hi there

Just wanting to connect with some people going on this tour. I haven’t seen any post regarding this tour.

I’m traveling with 3 other girls. We are from South Africa and are meeting the tour in Paris.

Looking forward to it.


Hey I’m going on this tour too !! I am getting very excited about it :slight_smile:
I’m from Canada and I’m a solo traveller, going in Europe for the first time !!
Looking forward to meet you all :slight_smile:


Awesome, look forward to meeting you!!


Are you staying at the Clink the night before the trip ?? And by the way, have you received
the travel information yet ?? I haven’t and I’ m kinda wondering about it …
Thanks !!


Hi, no we flying straight into paris so we meeting the tour on the thurs evening. So you must keep an eye out for us.

Do you know anyone else going on the tour?


There is some person on the facebook app Topdeck Meet for our trip but that’s it.

I thought more person would have found this forum or the facebook one but doesn’t seem like this :stuck_out_tongue: