European Wonder 13 - 26 July 2017


Hi guys! Im going to be booking the European Wonder trip in July and will be traveling solo. I was wondering if anyone else has booked this trip yet? :slight_smile:


Hiya I’m Georgina. I have booked on to this trip and I’m also a solo traveler. Never done it before so I’m pretty excited!


Hi! I’ve also booked this trip! Woohoo, exciting! I’m also travelling solo so it’s comforting knowing there are others who also are. I just signed up here so I can’t figure out how to inbox, but would like to add you guys on facebook if possible. :slight_smile:


Yeah of course that’s fine :grin:


Add me and a friend Georgina Poppy. We can make a group so if other people are on this trip then they can join.


Hey I’m Joe from Luton England and also going on this trip. I’m a solo traveller and staying at wombats the night before, really looking forward to it not long now.


Hi Joe, I’m from Norfolk. I’m planning on staying there the night before too :grinning:


Okay kl I’m not the only brit then lol btw If you have the Topdeck meet up app you can see and chat to others on are tour :slight_smile:


Yeah I have the app but I had to change the date of the tour, so mine is still stuck on the old dates. Do we have a Facebook group of our tour? So we can chat on that?


I don’t think so but it may be worth creating one if not.


I can make one if you want. You can add me on Facebook and I will make you admin. Then you can accept people from the app if you tell them.