European Wonder 12th August! :)


:slight_smile: any1 going on this trip??


Yes!! Counting the days… Just got to figure out what to pack and how it’s all going to fit…


:slight_smile: yay! me too! cant wait

Are you staying at the Cink before hand??


Staying at the Clink check in 11 Aug, yourself?

It’s going to be a mission getting from Heathrow to the hostel!!


im doing this tour as well!! its in 9 days and i still haven’t decided on a place to stay the night before :frowning:


i booked at the clink staying in a female dorm x

heathrow to london isnt to far by train x


I am! Staying at clink in dorm the night before.

Have no idea what to pack though??

I’m coming on my own, is anyone else doing this?


yes im traveling alone too :slight_smile: will be nice to meet you all at the Clink before we leave x


I’m going to travel alone as well and I’ll

stay at the Clink Hostel the night before :slight_smile:

but I’ll arrive in the evening so I won’t have much time in England :’(


Hey I’m travelling on this tour on my own too! Glad to see I’m not the only one!

Won’t be staying in the clink but look forward to seeing everyone on the 12th. :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: so cant wait not long left!! the tour is fully booked now so will be lots of new people am very glad that im not the only solo traveller tho!! i will be getting to london early evening