European Wonder 12th Aug


Hi All,

Am planning to book this tour.

its my first time in europe…and with topdeck too.

Any advice from any one who have taken this tour in the past for people traveling solo would be really appreciated.

Also wondering if anyone else has booked the same tour and date.



Hey buddy im doing this trip on the 5th of Aug u should book then! Heard great things about this trip!


hey der,

am thinking the same too…i guess i would go fr the 5th only…

have u taken any oder trips in topdeck? if yes anything i need to keep in mind.

too excited to think abt anything else


Hi all - I’ve justed booked for the 12th - and staying at the Clink the night before, hoping to meet some ppl as travelling by myself.
Am really looking forward to it!


Hey Amanda,

Am planning to hop on from paris…fr the same trip…

nice to find sme peeps…have u travelled with topdeck b4?


Hi Tommy

I haven’t travelled with top deck before and it’s my first euro trip! So it’s going to be a whole new experience!!

Would be great to meet new ppl before the trip, hopefully there will be ppl staying at the Clink.

You holidaying in Paris before ?


Hi amanda,

yeah am planning to reach paris atleast a couple of days early…even am travelling for the first time…cant wait for it…am sure would get to meet a lot of ppl…its gonna be awesomee


I’ve just booked this tour, travelling solo for the first time!
Haven’t decided where to stay pre & post tour yet… any suggestions?


hey der,

am touring with topdeck for the first time…also slight change of dates for me am goin for the 5th of aug…cant wait for it…

i guess u can find more info on the forum…dats exactly what am doing too


Right now I have a boring summer, I want to put a tour. Who has ideas to help me?



Just booked this tour also. Am Travelling Solo as well and its the first time I’ve ever done anything like this. Also am staying at the departure point for a few days before departure.



I’m all booked up for this tour too! Am also a first time solo traveller so its great to see im not the only one!

Currently live in london so wont be staying at the hostel but I am planning on staying on in Belgium for a couple of days after the tour.