European wonder 12th - 25th September


Hiya everyone. Its sooooo exciting reading about everyone off on there travels. Im 23 and doing the european wonder and just woundering if there is anyone out there doing the same trip, if they already have or are going to. (i no mines a long way off but still soooooo exited ;D) Would be great to hear from you so i no im not alone hehehe. Hopefully speake soon. [br][br]Lou x:-[x


hi lou, [br]yay! someone else who is going to be on this tour! [br]i am also 23 and live in melbourne, australia. [br][br]speak soon[br]jackie


oh good someone else who is going.[br][br]i was getting to thinking there was no one going on this trip. Are you staying at the globtrotter befor you go or straight on the trip. its abit scarry thinking im going alone but hopfully there will be more people coming along.[br][br]you traveling round on the way to london.[br][br]speak soon[br][br]lou x:-[x


hey lou, yes im staying at the globetrotter for the 4 days before the tour. yeah i had the same thoughts but im sure there will be pleny of others joining us![br]i am pretty much flying from melbourne to london- no time for other trips this time :([br]its 2 months today i cant wait!!! [br]speak soon[br][br][br]jax [br]


hi again[br][br]owww its all very exiting and today that means there is only one month and quite a few days (my maths is not the best hehehe).[br][br]I feel the need to start packing but no i will hold myself back for as long as i can possible resist.[br][br]Payed it all off in full yesterday so its a deffinate im definatly going.[br][br]Im staying in the globtrotter the night befor on the 11th so hopefully see you there.[br][br]lou x:-[x


Hi guys - I’m also going by myself! Eek. I’m really looking forward to it, I’ve never been to Europe before.[br]I’m 25 and from NZ and also staying at the Globetrotter the night of the 11th.[br]When I booked they said the tour was almost full which is good! :slight_smile:


Hiya [br][br]Yayay another one I thought there had to be more of us out there.[br][br]Owww so its nearly full that?s got to be a good thing. Yeh him staying the globtrotter on the 11the getting there for about 3.00pm its only about 3 hours from were I live but just got to master the underground very scary.[br][br]So there are 3 of us now yayaya. Im soooooooo exited trying to hold of the packing till a little closer to the time. [br][br]Is it just this trip you are going on or others to.[br][br]Lou x[br]


I have no idea what time I’ll get to the Globetrotter. I’m staying with a friend when I first get there and she’s done a top deck so can point me in the right direction![br][br]I’m doing the Oktoberfest top deck from the 3-7 October as well.[br]How bout you?


yay! good to see someone else will be on the tour with us… its getting really close guys! [br][br][br]jax [br]


well im hoping to go somwere later on in the year but dont no if i can get the time off only just managed to get of the 2 weeks for this one. Get back on the 25th then off to work again on the 26th but we wont talk abou that yet agesss to go. You found any places you want to visit yet. Ive got loads specially in Vencis so much to see and do.[br][br]Did you say you were traveling before you come on the trip or straight to London from were you are. Owwww i wounder if there are anymore of us out there.[br][br]lou x:-[x


I leave NZ in 37 days and counting! Woohoo ;D[br][br]I haven’t sussed out any places I’m dying to visit yet. Will probably look into it my last week at home. I’ve got a week after I finish work.[br][br]That sux that you have to go back to work Lou!! My friend said most of them had lost their voices by the end of their tour :p[br]I’ve got interviews two days after we get back and I’m not looking forward to it!


oh my days its getting closer getting exited.[br][br]Ow and why did they loose there voices?[br][br]Im going alone are you. Slightly nervous but still cant wait.[br][br]Im most of all looking forward to go to rome and venice, ive bin to venice before once and sin and did everything but looking foward to doing it all again are reeeeeeeally wana go on a gondala ride as never got round to doing it last time i was there. The markets and shops are amazing though slightly expencive.[br][br]Owwww interviews that sounds interesting. Yeh going back to work is very poo but they wont stop me talking im sure of it brought a camera to take lots of pics so yes very exited. [br][br]wounder if the tour is full yet[br][br]lou x:-[x


Hey guys! I’m also going by myself. I was a bit scared but now I’m defintely relieved to know that I won’t be the only one. :slight_smile: My name is Mia. I’m 21 and from New York. [br][br]last time I checked, there were 8 spots open. I wonder how many of us will be on this trip. [br][br]Can’t wait!


wooooo hoooooo only 24 days to go i cant wait still trying to decide what to pack for the best.[br][br]less than a month everyone yaaaay[br][br]lou x:-[x


Hi! I’m also going on this trip. Its my first trip to Europe and I’m doing it on my own. I’m glad that I’m not the only one.